Digiday digest: The Atlantic’s redesign win, Under Armour’s dominance and Cosmo on Snapchat

It’s Friday, so we’ve recapped the best of Digiday reporting from the week just as you head into happy hour.

Turns out it’s true: less is more. The Atlantic’s new redesign gave people less content to click on, but they stayed with it longer: The click through rate tripled and people now spend four minutes or more on native ads.

Meanwhile, across the pond, The New York Times is opening a native ad division in London. So far there are four permanent staffers on the ground compared to the 45 member team back in New York. The studio is going after European and Asian markets.

Watch out, Adidas and Nike: Under Armour is growing at a faster pace than both and will become the third biggest sportswear brand in the world in the next decade. How? By focusing on women, appealing to a younger demo, and winning on social.

Speaking of winning on social, Cosmo is killing it on Snapchat, averaging 3 million viewers a day, up from 1.8 million since the summer. Advertisers want in on this too, but for now you can only share editorial videos.


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