Consumers Respond to Digital Telecom Ads

When it comes to ad engagement, online ads for telecom providers do alright. According to new research by digital ad platform Mediamind, online ads for telecom providers garner 70,000 engagements per 1 million about 7 percent. Mediamind defines as consumer engagement measured by touch, interaction or click.

After retail, telecom is now the second highest vertical in both ad spending and user engagement with online display advertising, according to the report. Spending on the vertical is expected to top $4 billion in 2011 and is expected to grow to $6 billion by 2015.

Telecom ads performed well when placed against a wide range of content, including travel, technology, news, entertainment and finance. Interestingly, placing ads for mobile phones on mobile phones is remarkably effective. According to the research, just because you already have a mobile phone, doesn’t mean you’re not looking for a new one. Mobile ads for the telecom vertical achieve six times the performance of browser-based banners. Size matters, according to the research. Larger ads perform better than smaller ones.

In telecom campaigns, as in all advertising campaigns, delivering a message that will resonate with the consumer who receives it is the challenge. According to Mediamind’s research, it is also important to reach targets with the campaigns most effective ads early in the campaign. Users become inured to ads after the third exposure, according to the report. Campaigns that target users with the most effective ads for the first, second or third impressions are the campaigns that perform best. When users connect with ads early conversion rates are high.

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