Casey Anthony’s Social Media Defense

Social Media Defense Strat: Whenever a child’s well-being is involved in a criminal case, everyone has choice words to share, which is why Casey Anthony’s attorneys hit Facebook, Twitter and the blogosphere to analyze what people were saying. Apparently, every day of the trial, Casey’s team scanned the Internet to monitor the public’s reactions to help develop their defense strategy. Let’s face it, considering all the facts against her, the strategy paid off. Orlando Sentinel

Twitter Account of the Day: Interested in a mail-order bride anyone? Then just follow @AforeignBride, “Sending tweets out for men who are looking for a foreign bride from Russia, Ukraine, CIS, Asia and Latin America.” You might want to visit the account only to see if you share any followers in common, then promptly unfollow those dudes. Gawker

Zuck Goes Under the Radar: Mark Zuckerberg, the top Google+ user, changed his privacy settings on the Google social network so that now very little is visible on his page. For example, Zuckerberg made his Circles private, which means you can’t see what contacts he adds or who adds him. Zuckerberg isn’t the only one though; Google CEO Larry Page did the same thing, and so did Google co-founder Sergey Brin. Hmm, what gives? Forbes

Tumblr of the Day: We all get our mailboxes flooded with daily deals; here’s a Tumblr that helps you sort through the clutter. The Bad Deal

Video of the Day: Real street art.

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