Are You @dmbrags Bait?

Digiday has a special Twitter account for calling out those in the digital media industry who have no shame when it comes to talking about themselves and their fabulous via Twitter: @dmbrags. Some of you have already been retweeted by @dmbrags, and others, not yet — but even you self-aware, not-totally-shameless people can falter when it comes to Twitter habits. You never know, it could happen to you. Here is a handy quiz to see if you are @dmbrags bait. Read the questions, keep track of your answers and tally your score at the end.

Are You @dmbrags Bait?

Take the quiz, and find out!

1. Are you more likely to tweet about:
a) the view from your luxury hotel suite
b) the panicky moment when you are stuck in the airport security line and you hear your name being called for your flight.

2. Someone tweets about how much they loved your book. You…
a) tweet “You r 2 kind” along with the copied and pasted compliment so everyone cane see it.
b) @reply that person only with a “thank you.”

3. You are dining within earshot of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. You…
a) tweet “Think I ordered the same appetizer as Brangelina!”
b) are a normal New Yorker and pretend you don’t notice or care.

4. Are you more likely to tweet about:
a) How tired you are from travelling all over to speak at so many events.
b) How you aren’t going to go to Cannes next year.

5. If you owned a Porsche, you would…
a) tweet about how much you love the feel of your Porsche on the road.
b) you would never own a Porsche.

6. Are you more likely to tweet about:
a) your favorite vintage from your latest European wine tasting trip.
b) How you don’t really understand what’s what on a restaurant wine list.

7. Would you ever tweet about how awesome your meeting went or how much you impressed clients?
a) Yes
b) No

8. Would you ever tweet something along the lines of, “Wow that photoshoot for this feature on me took forever!!”
a) Yes
b) No

9. You are having a lunch meeting with some important CEOs and execs. You:
a) tweet a Foursquare check in and include the Twitter handles of the people you are with.
b) order something that doesn’t contain garlic.

10. Are you @gchahal or @cindygallop?
a) Yes
b) No

If you circled zero a) answers, congrats! You are most likely not @dmbrag material.

If you circled two or more a) answers there is a good likelihood that your will end up on @dmbrags if you haven’t already.

If you circled three or more a) answers or circled a) for question 10, you are undeniably a digital media braggart and you best check yourself before you wreck yourself.

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