Are Twitter Followers More Valuable?

Are Twitter Followers More Valuable?: The debate over the true value of a social media fan will probably never be neatly resolved beyond: it depends. But there is the question of the relative worth of followers on different platforms. Is someone who follows a brand on Twitter more valuable than one who likes a page on Facebook? The Next Web makes the case that a Twitter follower is more valuable. This comes down to using some research that’s out there to conclude that the Twitter followers is an early adopter and “influencer.” I’ve noticed it’s usually the people who self-identify as early adopters who eagerly reach the conclusion of their influence. It’s again not clear whether a Twitter follower is more valuable. In our small subset at Digiday, I find that Facebook drives more visits per follower than Twitter. I’m sure it’s different for every brand and publisher.

Flash Cookies in the Clear: It appears the lawsuits cobbled together over the use of flash cookies — or what the WSJ is calling “supercookies” — have come to an ignominious end. This brings up the possibility that this tracking tactic won’t become an issue for the industry. That’s a tempting conclusion, but not one I’d bet on. It depends on whether the use of regenerating cookies is very widespread. If it is, the industry has a major problem on its hands. The whole concept just doesn’t sit right — and won’t with lawmakers or regulators.
Startups Get a Rap Song: It’s come to this: there’s a tongue-in-cheek rap song about the hard knocks life of late-night pizza-eating and building product. The title fits the era: “Takin’ VC Money.”
The Non-Scandal Scandal: It’s the dog days of August. This is when the silly season starts for press needing stuff to write about. It’s no mistake Abercrombie & Fitch got so many outlets — WSJ, really? — to bite on its PR bait about the Situation. In the tech world, it’s the shocking — shocking! — news that Ashton Kutcher used a guest editing gig at Details to flog companies he’s invested in. Does anyone expect the guy best known for a pranks show to be a paragon of journalistic ethics? Even more, what does Details — I didn’t know it was still around — expect from getting Kutcher to direct an issue? Might be time for everyone to head to the beach for a couple weeks.

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