5 Useful Sites for Election Day

There’s still time to vote today if you haven’t already. Here are five useful sites (and a video) to help you with election-related issues.

Not sure where your voting place is? Try yourfuckingpollingplace.com.

Need some ammunition to respond to people’s excuses about why they aren’t voting? Try yourexcusesucks.com.

Not sure What Obama has actually done? Try whatthefuckhasobamadonesofar.com.

Not sure how to feel about Nate Silver? Try isnatesilverawitch.com.

Want to see which of your friends has voted? Try votewithfriends.net.

Bonus: Want to see what election-related stats look like as represented by burgers and fries? Try bindersfullofburgers.tumblr.com.

Also, Will Ferrell wants you to vote for Obama.


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