5 Data Startups to Watch

We can’t predict which, if any of these startups will be around next year, but the following are some with at least a fighting chance of carving out a piece of the data omniverse.

Singly is a startup based off The Locker Project, an open source project for collecting personal data. It allows users to build third-party apps off the data they collect.
Azigo, a digital “data wallet” platform, has garnered the support of investors such as Esther Dyson and is built on the architecture of The Higgins project, an open data protocol that counts developers from Google and Oracle as collaborators. The company is in beta.
Greplin is a cloud search service for your personal data. It has access to a wide range of accounts, from LinkedIn to Gmail to Flickr.
Backupify is an  archiving, search and restore service for the most popular online services including Google Apps, Facebook, Twitter, Picasa and others.
i-Allow permits users to manage their personal data online and to connect with brands and advertisers according to their preferences.
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