A year ago, Facebook wanted to get creators and publishers to use its new Live video feature. Facebook has a powerful incentive for them in its news feed, in that it can reward participants by sending eyeballs to their posts. But this time, it provided a far more important motivator: cash. More than $50 million, spread among 140 creators including The New York Times, Vox Media and Mashable as well as personalities including Kevin Hart and Gordon Ramsey. (More recently, it reportedly was in talks to buy its own video shows.)

Snapchat has been talking to media companies about licensing their content in addition to sharing revenue from advertising sold against their Discover channels. Not everyone will benefit, and there are caps on the payouts, for sure, but these are clear signs that the platform giants will pony up for content. In 2017, more of these platforms will embrace the power of cutting the check.

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