10 Notable Quotes from DIGIDAY:MOBILE

After many false starts, the year of mobile might have finally arrived. The talk at DIGIDAY: MOBILE ranged from the state of the mobile ad world, the proliferation of apps and the need to develop simplicity in a system that’s far too difficult. Here are some highlights from the day’s action:
1.  “I don’t know why Oral B needs me to follow them on Facebook or Twitter.” Tim Chang, partner, Norwest Venture Partners
2.  “Your mobile device is becoming a cocoon.” John Sheridan, vp of mobile, comScore
3. “Foursquare is over? Foursquare never started.” Theo Fanning, creative director/president, Traction
4. “No screen is too small for branding. The question is the appropriate way.” Vishal Agarwal, director of mobile SapientNitro.
5. “We tend to homogenize mobile. The practical reality is it’s lots of things to lots of people.” Eric Litman, CEO, Medialets
6. “[Mobile rich media] just hasn’t been entirely worth it.” Matt Doherty, associate media director, BrandinHand
7. “[Mobile ad targeting] is not nearly as sophisticated as it is for traditional online right now.” Matt Doherty, associate media director, BrandinHand
8. “While some brands are really good at publishing and has content that resonates with users, it’s really hard to drive sustained usage over time. Oftentimes our advice is you should be an advertiser, not a publisher.” Ken Wilner, CEO, Zumobi
9. “There’s no reason a consumer’s going download a branded app and revisit it if you’re selling detergent.” Joao Machado, VP Mobile, OMD
10. On Android vs. iPhone platforms: “I don’t think were going to see a Libya, but there will be at least a quiet battle.” John Sheridan, VP Mobile, comScore

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