The Best Agency Creatives’ Tumblrs

The Feed recently looked into why agency creatives love Tumblr so much. Now here’s a list of some of the best Tumblrs by agency creatives. Whether it’s a funny theme, interesting/funny images, witty/funny writing (funny is important, clearly) or all of the above, these Tumblrs are good examples of agency creatives flexing their creative muscles and scratching that Tumblr itch. These Tubmlrs are all great sources for workday distractions, f-bombs, and thoughtful reflections on the human condition.

Get the Fuck in the Van
Created by Matt O’Rourke, interactive creative director, Weiden & Kennedy
What: Pictures of creepy vans that you should absolutely not get the F into. O’Rourke is an avid Tumbler — he has 17 different ones — so if you want some more, check out Fuck Yes Reading and Fauxsters.

Know What’s Fucking Crazy?
Jake Dubs, copywriter, Amalgamated
What: Comical musings about everyday things, places, actions, sensations — basically anything — that perhaps you yourself haven’t stopped to question. Topics range from toes, to music, to clapping, to umbrellas. The sky’s the limit! (The sky is pretty f–ing crazy, now that I think about it). As Dubs describes it, “I always say it’s part analysis, part philosophy and part comedy. This complex, but hopefully entertaining, mishmash of all these things.”

No Breasts No Requests
Mick DiMaria (aka Mick Fiction), creative director, 72andSunny
What: A collection of funny notes and signs given to DJs or found in or around DJ booths at bars and clubs. As DiMaria, aka DJ Mick Fiction, describes it, “’No Breasts, No Requests’ isn’t necessarily my policy as a deejay, but a quote from one of the first signs I found and posted. Plus it’s a whole lot more provocative than a boner-killing name such as ‘dj notes.’”

Teenage Mutant Ninja Noses
 Rob Calabro, copywriter, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners
What: Who knew that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were modeled after human noses … or vice versa? “God is the artist. I just find the Ninja Turtle in his work,” says Calabro on his Tumblog. Even though Calabro has recently stopped posting on TMNN, it is still worth a looking at the extensive collection of Ninja Turtle noses. There are some impressive user-submitted Ninja noses too.

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