The 5 Worst Brand Tweets

Aside from tweeting annoying, insincere or boring messages, brands on Twitter sometimes make big mistakes when it comes to what they tweet. But these mistakes aren’t a marketing strategy error, they are a result of human error — because behind every brand Twitter handle is: Surprise! A real-life human being. And human beings sometimes make mistakes — like say, forgetting to log out of your company’s Twitter account and onto your personal account before tweeting something silly. Or in the case of our No. 1 mishap, being totally tasteless. The lesson here clearly is: MAKE SURE YOU LOG OUT. If you have nominees for tweets we’ve missed, please add them in the comments.

5. Celeb Boutique: Following the tragic and senseless Aurora, Colo., movie theater shooting in July, some numbnut in charge of the Twitter account of online clothing retailer Celeb Boutique, unaware of the news, tweeted this:

    (Image via Techcrunch)

4. Stubhub: A Stubhub employee was a little too excited to leave work last Friday and forgot to logout of the Stubhub Twitter account and onto their personal account to tweet this:

(Image via Gawker)

3. Kitchenaid: Just before the Stubhub flub was the Kitchenaid mishap during the presidential debate. It was the same scenario involving not logging out of the brand Twitter account, but this time with a pretty tasteless joke as captured in this retweet.

(Image via @mamaspohr)

2. Chrysler: Once again someone, in this case someone at New Media Strategies, the company that handles Chrysler’s Twitter account, forgot to logout of the brand Twitter account and really messed up.

(Image via @tverma29)

1. Kenneth Cole: There is a reason that spoof Twitter accounts like @KennethColePR exist. Just see below for the tasteless tweet that insensitively used social unrest in Cairo last February as a plug for the brand’s new collection.
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