Rebranding a State: Kentucky Kicks Ass

Kentucky is not synonymous with hip. Three creatives have taken it upon themselves to rebrand the state.

Whit Hiler, Griffin VanMeter, and Kent Carmichael decided that Kentucky’s slogan “Unbridled spirit” didn’t say much about the state and what it has to offer. Instead the three, who are calling themselves Kentucky for Kentucky, have come up with what they think is a more fitting state slogan: “Kentucky Kicks Ass.”

It’s certainly more to the point and will appeal to young people looking for a kick-ass time. Kentucky for Kentucky’s rebranding campaign includes “Kentucky Kicks Ass” posters with slogans like “In Kentucky, there are more barrels of bourbon than people” and “In Kentucky, fried chicken was invented. Cheeseburgers too. Possibly even bacon.” There are also American Apparel printed T-shirts you can buy too. A place with bacon and bourbon and t-shirts with ironic slogans? Sounds like the Williamsburg of the South? Quick, hipsters, book your tickets to Kick Ass Kentucky now and watch the introductory video below. (via AdFreak)

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