Oreo Comes up With Oddball Single-Serving Site

As part of its ongoing “Cookie vs. Creme” campaign, Oreo has created a fun new site that asks fans to pick a side: Cookie or creme?

The Super Important Test is a website that lets fans cast their vote for best part of an Oreo, the cookie or the creme. After picking a side, a funny, random video shows up, informing you that you’ve made the right choice. The catch is no matter which you pick, cookie or creme, you will be shown a video that tells you that you picked the right one. There is no wrong answer.

Wieden+Kennedy created over 30 videos for the site, all of which are somewhat bizarre and entertaining. There’s a weird upside down man, a 2D horse animation, a talking gorilla with a British accent animation, a weird robotic cat video and other oddball content. The videos are all shareable via Facebook, Twitter and email.

This is playful addition to the campaign, which included that awesome series of parody videos with Oreo separating machines.

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