Confessions of a fashion designer: US production is ‘not a serious option’

This article is part of our Confessions series, in which we trade anonymity for candor to get an unvarnished look at the people, processes and problems inside the industry. More from the series →

U.S. fashion brands that choose to remain “American-made” are becoming something of a rarity.

While some brands try to produce solely in America, many clothing labels are turning to offshore factories, motivated by cheaper manufacturing and labor costs and the ability to easily scale production. The shift away from Amercian-made fashion has largely occurred in the past fifty years: In 1965, 95 percent of all American clothing was made in the U.S. Today, that number has tumbled to just two percent.

In Glossy’s latest edition of Confessions, where we grant anonymity for honesty, we speak to a senior designer at a contemporary fashion label that produces all of its products overseas. To read the full story, visit

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