Never Trump? On Twitter, Kayak is offering one-way tickets to Canada

Hours after it was known that Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump had dominated Super Tuesday, many people went into panic mode searching for the best way out of here.

In fact, Google said searches for “how can I move to Canada” spiked 1,150 percent over normal and “higher than at any time” in its history. Capitalizing on the panic, Kayak, the Priceline-owned travel search engine, is holding a contest for those seriously considering bolting.

Between now and Friday night, future expatriates can retweet Kayak’s tweet to win one of 10 $250 American Express gift cards to be used for a one-way ticket to Canada. (The rules, however don’t explicitly state that the gift cards have to be used on

“When we saw #MovetoCanada start to trend we felt it was our duty to help people with their travel ambitions whether they’re born from the need to flee the country or they just really want to see what the deal is with Tim Hortons,” Kate Williams, Kayak’s spokeswoman told Digiday.

Apparently nearly 2,000 people (and climbing) are hoping to move to Canada, or at least that’s how many retweets it’s collected in less than a day:

Kayak tweeted out three other messages with the contest, netting another 600 tweets from people signalling a desire to head north. The company told Digiday that retweets are occurring two per minute.

The contest also uses the hashtag #1WaytoCanada with people using it to express their excitement:

Just a warning: Moving to Canada is easier said than done, at least according to this woman who moved after George W. Bush was re-elected. How about using the gift card an all-inclusive trip to a boozy resort.

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