Friday Five: People at Brands to Follow

The digital media industry starts and ends with the brands that pay the bills. Getting to know what’s on the minds of the decisionmakers at top marketers is pretty important to agencies and publishers alike. We culled through the accounts of some top brand marketers to find five worth following.

@babs26: Babs Rangaiah, vp global media innovation, Unilever

funny..this was the economist article about facebook 5 years ago..essentially calling them “hype”

@shivsingh: Shiv Singh, global head of digital, PepsiCo

@kdoohan: Kevin Doohan, head of digital marketing, Red Bull

Toyota takes to spamming Twitter for Camry Super Bowl ‘promotion’ but quickly stops. <-dumb followed by smart — Kevin Doohan (@kdoohan) February 8, 2012


@alewnes: Ann Lewnes, senior vice president of global marketing, Adobe


@bestbuycmo: Barry Judge, CMO, Best Buy
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