KFC Wants You to Start ‘Couchgating’

Eating fried chicken on your couch while watching football is no longer just eating fried chicken on your couch while watching football. Thanks to KFC, this activity now must be called “couchgating” and the fried chicken you are consuming while doing this good, old American pastime must, of course, be of the KFC variety.

KFC’s advertising agency Draftcb has come up with this so-called couchgating concept, which is meant to be a new take on the usual tailgating that I am told happens before football games. The beauty of couchgating is that it eliminates the need to even make the effort of traveling to a game.

KFC is breaking the campaign with the start of the NFL playoffs, when many millions will, in fact, be glued to their couches. Along with TV spots, the campaign also involves Facebook, Twitter conversations using the hashtag #couchgating, couchgating gear contest and email offers.

KFC’s Facebook page has important tips on how to couchgate, like tucking extra sauce in your couch so you don’t have to get up to get it.

And ladies, don’t feel left out of this whole football thing. Just watch the spot below. The one who takes this couchgating business the most seriously is a girl.

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