Kenneth Cole Crowdsources a Live Fashion Week Vine

Looks like Kenneth Cole found time to take a moment away from trolling Twitter to use Vine in a fun, new way for New York Fashion Week.

In oder to share his his Spring ’14 collection with fans who couldn’t be at the fashion presentation this past Saturday, Kenneth Cole, with the help of agency AKQA, created a live “Vine mosaic” of the fashion event. The Vine mosaic, which lives at, is made up of 120 Vines from videographers that Kenneth Cole sent to the presentation.

The Vines include behind-the-scenes clips of models getting ready, runway walks, stop-motion-style outfit clips, footage of guests at the presentation and more. According to Jason McCann, group creative director at AKQA, they chose Viners with a diverse range of Vine visual styles and techniques to participate.

More than 500 videos were created by the videographers during the fashion presentation, and AKQA and Kenneth Cole quickly worked to cut the Vines down to 120 of the best ones to fill the mosaic. According to McCann, they were able to post about 100 Vines to the mosaic in one hour.

“Our show was based around the idea of ‘Your Point of View Depends on Your Points of View’: with so many digital devices and platforms available to us, the world is being curated from many different angles and points of view,” Cole wrote in an email to Digiday.

“I’m fascinated by the idea that as a society we consume the majority of our information digitally, instantly, and quickly in the shortest way possible, which is why we curated our own perception through six-second Vine videos, and created a dynamic mosaic in real time.”

Check out the Vine mosaic at Kenneth Cole Viewpoints.

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