Advice For Marketers From Twitter’s Best Brand Troll

If you’re a social media manager for a major brand, Jon Hendren, known by his Twitter handle @fart, is your worst nightmare. A comedy writer by trade, his avocation is tormenting wayward brands in social media.

@Fart, 29, is one of the better known members of a loose-knit cohort of Twitter comedians commonly referred to as Weird Twitter. (Note: Members of this unofficial group reject this moniker.) In addition to tweeting jokes, one of Weird Twitter’s staples is relentlessly trolling corporate Twitter accounts. One of Hendren’s most common targets, for example, is Domino’s. Hendren frequently searches for other lesser-known Twitter users who are complaining about their Domino’s pizzas and then retweets their messages to his following of more than 70,000 users. Sometimes he’ll make fun of them directly.