Instagram Videos By Brands That Get It

Instagram video has been out for just over a month and already brands have been conducting innovative experiments with it.

As with Vine, Instagram video lends itself best to artsy stop-motion style videos; and with the longer time limit brands can really get creative. The most impressive and interesting brand Instagram videos tend to be the ones that use stop-motion, like this cool Lexus film the automaker made with the agency Team One.

Here are five more examples of brands making great Instagram stop-motion videos.

The fashion brand is no stranger to Instagram video – we’ve given them props before. Here’s another one of its fun videos.

To celebrate the summer solstice, the rum maker created this coconut sun video.

The online retail brand gave a shout-out to Lacoste with this Lacoste alligator stop-motion video.

Shoes dance on their own in this cutesy Forever21 video.

American Express
To promote its #AmexUNSTAGED! concert series, AmEx created this video of the band Kings of Leon being drawn.
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