Huggies App Encourages Parental TMI

In the digital age, parenting now often means oversharing child-rearing experiences via social media. Whether it’s posting way too many pictures of your child’s every step or tweeting about potty training, parents sometimes go too far.

Now there’s another way for parents to use social media in their parenting: Huggies’ Tweetpee app. The new app created by Ogilvy Brazil helps parents know when their babies need a diaper change. The app works by using a special sensor that attaches to the baby’s diaper. When the sensor registers a moisture change in the diaper it sends a tweet to the parent. Because good parents are on Twitter all of the time, rather than just, I don’t know, being around their baby and physically checking the diaper from time to time. We can only hope that parents don’t start retweeting these Tweetpee notifications.

Tweetpee isn’t the only branded parenting app out there. Band-Aid created an app that’s actually a cute idea and isn’t quite as creepy or ridiculous as Tweetpee. The app uses augmented reality to make muppets characters bandaids come to life, to help kids feel better when they get a “boo-boo.” There’s also a “Cry Translator” app available in the App Store that helps parents decipher why their baby is crying. Parenting sure looks a whole lot different than it used to.
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