Meowy Christmas from Friskies

The latest holiday music video to hit the Web features a star-studded ensemble cast of your favorite celebrities.

No, we’re not talking about Mariah Carey and Justin Bieber’s bizarre mall rendition of “All I Want for Christmas is You” — we’re talking really big names. Like Grumpy Cat, Nala and Colonel Meow. Thanks to Friskies, all of your favorite Internet felines have come together to star in a music video for the new original song “It’s Hard to be a Cat at Christmas.”

The song is about how miserable cats get watching everyone else eating lots of good food and opening presents — but also how there are cats in shelters who have it even worse. For every view up to 500,000, Friskies will donate one can of wet food to shelters and rescue organizations across the country. (See? There’s a good cause behind all of this silliness.)


Friskies also created a site for the cause called “If You Feed Me Wet Cat Food,” which features of bunch of cute cat meme images for you to share. You can also upload some of your own too.

So go ahead and share more cat pics and watch this cat video a bunch of times knowing you are helping animals in need. And if you really want, you can buy the song on iTunes or Amazon to play at your cat holiday party. Now, go have yourself a purrrfect little holiday.

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