The #DumpKelloggs movement is met with #BreitbartCereals

There is a new kind of breakfast war waging, and it has nothing to do with McMuffins.

Shortly after Kellogg Co. decided pull all ads from Breitbart News over the so-called “alt-right” publisher’s tendency to spread hate speech, the conservative news giant struck back with a call to boycott the brand.

It didn’t take long for twin hashtags to break out: On the pro-Breitbart side there’s #DumpKellogs, in the other camp there’s #BreitbartCereals.

First, the alt-righters!

This fellow is sticking it to liberals by ruining his plumbing:

A confusing “immigrant for Trump” has cuck-oo for boycotts:

Here’s someone who has a PhD in … something!

And now some cold hard numbers (from one brief moment in time):

That was fun.

Here, now, is the direction lefties have taken, embracing fully the #BreitbartCereals hashtag, even if, technically speaking, the cereals they spoof are not all in the Kellogg’s family. Regardless of which side you’re on here, it’s hard to argue against the fact that liberals a just, well, funnier. At least that will help them to keep them from crying after they’re stripped of their rights:

We’ll let these go without comment
Except to say that none of these cereals are Kellogg’s brand cereals. Come on liberals, if you’re going to call someone a racist, at least get the details right:



Now, if you need us, we’ll be eating some yogurt. Certainly there’s nothing polarizing about yogurt, right? Right?
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