6 Can’t-Fail Digital Media Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is just around the corner, and along with it comes all the attendant stress of finding the perfect costume. Something oh-so-clever and cute that doesn’t take a lot of effort or make it look like you care too much. Ugh, right?

Lucky for you costume procrastinators, Digiday has got you covered.

Check out these six easy-to-pull-off digital media Halloween costume ideas. They don’t require too much stuff, so they are friendly on the wallet too. And if you don’t like these, you can always pick one from last year’s selection.

(Bonus! Any of the following can be made into a “sexy” costume with the simple addition of a miniskirt and/or Terry Richardson.)

Native Ad
Wear an article of clothing that somewhere on it displays a brand logo. Go around and enjoy the party as you normally would, having drinks and engaging in conversation with people. They won’t even know they are being advertised to. See how easy native advertising is?

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Oreo Tweet 
All you need is a package of Oreos and a flashlight. Halfway through the party, sneak over to the light switch and kill the lights. Once the initial confusion subsides, turn on the flashlight and go around giving out Oreos and telling people they can still “dunk in the dark.” Bam.


Big Data
Go around the party holding a piece of paper with a bunch of wildly inaccurate demographic and behavioral data points on it. Walk up to people, and read off some of the information. For example, approach a single gent at the party and tell him, “You are female between the ages of 13-18, you are married, your household income is under $30,000, your interests include cars, the Republican party and Thailand.”


Drinking GIF
You better have a high tolerance for this one. Keep doing the same motion over and over in a continuous loop: bring glass to lips, take a sip, lower glass, repeat.


BuzzFeed Listicle
Come as the BuzzFeed listicle “31 Insanely Clever Last Minute Halloween Costumes.” Just pick an item or prop from as many of the 31 costume ideas as possible, and wear it all at once. Feel free to pick from the wealth of BuzzFeed costume listicles, like “21 Perfect Halloween Costumes for Introverts,” “19 Brilliant Ways to Dress Like Food for Halloween” or “5 Sneaky Ways to be Nicolas Cage for Halloween.”

Then hate yourself for having enjoyed it.

Image via Money Crashers
Image via Money Crashers


Aggressive Aggregator
Go to the best, most buzzed-about Halloween party you can find. Take all of the booze, decorations and guests, and bring them to your place. Take credit everywhere for The Most Mind-Blowing Halloween Party You Didn’t Attend.



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