Agency Trawls Snapchat For Workers

Students and young creatives, if you think you got what it takes to tell compelling stories for brands, DDB Oslo is looking for you. On Snapchat.

Send your best 10-second pitch ideas to DDB_OSLO on Snapchat, and the agency promises to watch your creative idea and take notes. The most creative pitchers will be flown out on an all-expenses paid trip to Oslo for an interview. Fair warning: to DDB Oslo, “creative” means no filters or Photoshop.

“The fact that Snapchat heavily limits your editing options kind of intrigued us,” said DDB Oslo creative director Eirik Sørensen. “Our thesis is that this will spark far purer and simpler ideas when you’re also restricted to the time limitation.”

So, make sure the video is awesome because the competition will probably be fierce.

“Everyone can be creative,” said Sørensen. “Finding creative talent isn’t the hardest part. But finding extraordinary creative talent is always difficult.”

Winners will be announced April 3, but in the meantime, you can lurk on the Snapchat Pitch Facebook page.

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