Make sexy perfume ads, starring yourself

Have you ever thought you’d be a good model if only you were given the chance? An app called “1 Minute Model,” from Los Angeles-based fragrance startup Commodity, is here to help you get in touch with your inner Kate Moss.

With the app, Commodity is looking to challenge the way the fragrance industry doles out scents. With a business model reminiscent to Warby Parker, Commodity mails fragrance “tester kits” to men and women in their early 20s to mid-30s to try at home, rather than offering free sprays in department stores.

To use the app, which pokes fun at traditional perfume print ads, users can paste their own face on the body of the scantily clad male or female model of their choice. Users can also name their own scent, or generate a random one, like “Liquid Ice” or “Glisten.” Once you’ve customized how the ad looks, you can then push it out on your social channels so that your friends can laugh at the model body they know you don’t have.


“It was more about demonstrating the personal spirit of the brand — we wanted to veer away from celebrity-driven ads,” said Sasha Lee, a marketing coordinator for Commodity.

“The whole reason we started Commodity was that you could try the fragrance at home instead of the whole rushed ‘in-store experience,'” said Commodity co-founder and CMO Kylo Turner. “It’s more about finding what you like yourself, rather than fitting the persona you see in an ad.” And also, apparently, what your face looks like on a glistening perfect body of the opposite sex.
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