Chanel’s Brad Pitt Spot Misses the Mark

Perfume commercials are typically cheesy affairs: dramatic lighting, longing stares, whispering, breathy narratives, sultry women strutting around and their chiseled male counterparts similarly strutting and posing. Chanel’s latest perfume Web video — I’m sure the agency calls it a “film” — keeps up the tradition.

The spot features hunky Brad Pitt, shot in black and white, delivering a serious, vague, nonsensical monologue that leads up to “Chanel No. 5. Inevitable.” Hmm.  And it’s only part one, so there is more to come. I’m surprised that they didn’t use Brad Pitt for something more interesting. Chanel’s other perfume commercials have been more like short films that actually have storylines — yes, dramatic and cheesy ones, but at least they made sense and were shot beautifully and were visually exciting thanks to the use of luxurious Chanel costuming, like the Cinderella-esque one with Nicole Kidman.  This one with Brad is just kind of blah.

Update: Part two is now available, and it’s not any better, or much different, from part one. Sigh.
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