Canadian agency creates Buzzfeed quiz for interview process

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 10.58.31 AMBuzzfeed quizzes are the best way to find out what type of monster you may attract, and what food you should get jiggy with. But are they also a way to land a job? Canadian agency 88 Creative thinks so. The shop is dealing with what some might say is the hardest part of hiring — finding out whether people will be a good fit for your culture — by deploying a Buzzfeed quiz.

“When you’re a small company, the culture fit is as important as being smart, resourceful, and right for the role,” said Erin Bury, managing director at the agency. “We all sit at a big table and do a lot of brainstorms and team activities, so the team dynamics are really important.”

The quiz asks general questions about tastes and preferences, such as your favorite snack, where you stand on the Android versus iOS debate, and who your spirit animal is. (Happy Kanye is an option.) There are three possible results: “You’d fit in,” “Are you from Mars,” and “You’re out to lunch.” If the last shows up, you should “probably rethink the role,” said Bury.

The idea came about as the shop had looked into sponsored Buzzfeed quizzes for clients. When the shop was looking for a marketing coordinator, a strategist at the shop suggested creating a quiz.

“This quiz is as much about showing off our culture as it is about vetting candidates,” said Bury. BuzzFeed doesn’t provide metrics, so it’s unclear how many people have taken the quiz so far. Anecdotally, around 50 people have been spotted posting the quiz to their Facebook timelines and 88 Creative is asking all applicants to take the quiz.

“We want people to know about our love for cupcakes, Wine Wednesday, and Internet memes,” added Bury. “So we hope it helps people understand the work environment and likes and dislikes of our team.”

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