Distillers jump on #BourbonSummit after Obama conference

Real-time marketing has another moment in the sun. And what goes better with sun than spiked lemonade?

Wednesday afternoon, President Barack Obama said he’d enjoy sharing some Kentucky bourbon with Sen. Mitch McConnell, the Kentuckian who was re-elected in Tuesday’s midterms and is expected to become leader of a Republican-controlled Senate next year.

Since Obama plans to be spending more time with both McConnell and House speaker John Boehner soon, he said bourbon might be the only way Congress and the White House will be able to reach across the aisle to get some work done.

Bourbon companies were quick to jump on board. Within an hour of the comment, Topsy recorded more than 100 tweets hashtagged #BourbonSummit, and 200 tweets hashtagged #Bourbon.

A few highlights for now as the list is certain to grow.

Kentucky Bourbon Trail, a tour purveyor, got patriotic

The Distilled Spirits Council, a national trade association, is ready

The twitter account for the Kentucky Distillers’ Association got artistic.

Whiskey recommendation app Distiller wants to get in on the act, too

Wild Turkey, you got this.

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