Finally, an OkCupid for pets

If you’re a lonely New Yorker perusing dating sites, maybe all you really need is a pet. At least, that’s what the ASPCA hopes with its new campaign that launched yesterday on OkCupid, “A Perfect Match.”

The organization, along with help from Draftfcb New York, has taken profiles of its adoptable animals and is running them as potential “matches” when single souls fill out what they’re looking for on the dating site.

“The first thing people usually notice about me: My smile. The way my tail wags. My smile. Purple. Wait, what was the question?” reads the copy on a profile for “Bella,” a 1-year-old dog.

ok cupid aspca ads

“One of the reasons that we thought this was such a great idea was that the demographic on dating websites matched up with our adopting demographic,” said Olivia Melikhov, the senior social media manager for the ASPCA.”Single people between the ages of 20 and 34 are usually those that adopt. In New York City, one in five people fall into that demographic.”

The ASPCA is using geo-targeting to only grab New Yorkers on Twitter and Facebook. The ASPCA will also be encouraging people to share the profiles of the adoptable pets over those networks as well. On Twitter, the organization has more than 205,000 followers. On Facebook, the number is more than 1.25 million.

“At this point, it’s too early to say if we’re getting a spike in traffic to our adoption center or the adoption page on our website,” said Melikhov. “We’re really hoping to see gains in traffic to the website and a number of new adoptions as well.”

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