5 Gen-Z influencers you need to know

The Jenners and Hadids aren’t the only Gen-Zers impacting fashion and beauty. The power of pint-sized influencers continues to rise, as the line between social media and e-commerce blurs. Though unknown by almost everyone over 24 years old, these YouTube and Instagram stars have already garnered attention from brands, making up to $6,000 a day in sponsorships. Here’s who you need to know.

Haley Pham
Age: 18
YouTube followers: 2 million
Years on YouTube: 6
Located in: Austin, TX
Choice formats: Before-and-after transformations, vlogs and hauls. “I also throw in the occasional dance video or ‘trying something new for a day’ experiment format.”
On the evolution of influencer world: “It’s become a more genuine space. It used to be about making your life seem as perfect as possible. Now there’s an emphasis on being relatable.”


Fiona Frills
Age: 15
YouTube followers: 855,000
Located in: California
Audience: “Little fashionistas”
Uses of “awesome” in one 15-minute call: 11
Own product line: Frilliance, made up of makeup and makeup tools for “teen-prone” skin
Key to success: “You have to stay focused, and if you’re not having fun with what you’re doing, you have to adjust. I love shopping and makeup. Those things make me happy, so that’s the path I’m following.”


Emma Chamberlain

Age: 18
Years on YouTube: 2
YouTube followers: 7.6 million
Located in: Los Angeles, CA
Uses of “fuck” in recent 18-minute video: 34
Video content: Started with DIY tutorials, but now posts videos like” Turning Jojo Siwa into me” and “24 hours without a phone”
Own product line: High Key, a fashion line sold exclusively on the Dote app
Worth: Reportedly $2.5 million, making $6,000 a day from video sponsorships


Summer Mckeen

Age: 20
Followers across YouTube and Instagram: 4.5 million
Located in: Laguna Beach, CA (originally from Oregon)
Budding reality star: Starred in a Snapchat docu-series in late 2018 called “Endless Summer,” which was produced by “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” producer Bunim-Murray Productions and recently renewed for a second season
Influencer backlash: Does not want to be described as an influencer, preferring “creator,” according to her press rep.
Product line: Jewelry engraved with words like “worth,” created with #LuvGems, a company backing fashion lines by YouTube Stars
Brand sponsors: Billabong, Victoria’s Secret, Tresemme, Sephora

Teala Dunn

Age: 22
Followers across YouTube and Instagram: 4.1 million
Located in: Los Angeles
Instagram bio: Ephesians 4:2
YouTube videos dedicated to Coachella 2019: 3
Haters: First Google search results for her name include compilation videos titled “Teala Dunn lying about her hair for 2 minutes straight” and “Teala Dunn being rude for 3 minutes straight”
Collaborations: Launched a line of sunglasses with influencer brand NEM Fashion in September
Brand sponsors: Revolve, Mavlash Extensions, Benefit, Beauty Blender, Garnier
Trips since January: The Maldives, Hawaii, New York, Las Vegas, Miami
Cause: PETA; in April, she teamed with the organization on a video encouraging teens to opt out of dissecting animals in school

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