5 Brands Butting into Back-to-School Buzz

It’s the time of year that kids hate and advertisers love: back to school. But for brands, especially retail brands, that means dollar signs in the form of back-to-school specials and promotions and all of the attendant social media chatter.

As a result, even brands that don’t sell school supplies or clothing are trying to get in on the #backtoschool buzz. Check out these five companies that have forced themselves, some more awkwardly than others, into the conversation.

Saks Fifth Avenue

Because every 4th-grade girl needs t-strap high heels and over-sized crayons for her back-to-school swag.



Men’s Wearhouse

RT if you wear ties to AP English, #thatoneweirdkid


Because spicy habanero wings are an essential part of every balanced back-to-school meal.

Southwest Airlines

Oh man, we were never good at pretzel geometry.

Image via Flickr.

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