5 Bad Brand VMA Tweets

Whether it’s a cultural or sporting event, like the Super Bowl, or a natural disaster, like Hurricane Sandy, brands seem to be forever angling for ways to insert themselves into trending online conversations – for better or worse.

This time it might not be for better. MTV’s Video Music Awards were held last night and, predictably, brands just couldn’t resist chiming in. Here are five of the more-awkward social attempts. Are there any others we missed?:

Taco Bell

Yes. For Subway.

Red Bull

This is a surprisingly forced tweet from a brand that constantly receives deserved praise for being so innovative.

Red Cross Oklahoma

This is a fairly clumsy attempt at glomming on to the N’SYNC chatter. But at least it’s for a good cause.


Just, don’t.


This joke was old 10 years ago. Hopefully your pizzas arrive more quickly than your zingers.

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