4 Brand Brawls on Twitter

We’ve all witnessed our friends, colleagues and celebrity figures get into Twitter fights (just check out Ricky Gervais’ Twitter feed; he’s usually starting stuff). It’s never becoming of anyone really, but it’s always entertaining. And sometimes, too infrequently frankly, it happens with brands too.

Check out these four examples of brands throwing down on Twitter against other brands. Sometimes the Twitter battles are too perfect, you wonder if it was setup. And we’re OK with that, just so long as brands staring mixing it up.

1. Orbitz vs. Priceline: Deal-finding travel brands Orbitz and Priceline were running similar promotions this past November, which resulted in some cutesy bickering back and forth and some clever faux-campaigning against each other. (via PRNewser)

Images via @Orbitz and @Priceline

2. Old Spice vs. Taco Bell: Old Spice decided to pick a fight with Taco Bell a little while back, and Taco Bell stood its ground. Publicity stunt? (via Adfreak)

3. Dallas Cowboys vs. Dallas Stars: Sports teams’ official Twitter accounts are usually pretty official and proper, but these two Texas teams got into it via tweets. Someone started the fight from the Dallas Cowboys’ account by tweeting that no one cars about the NHL. That tweet has since been erased and replaced by an apology tweet (see all tweets below). (via AOL Sports)

4. AMC vs. Oreo: This one was all in good fun. AMC noticed that Oreo had tweeted about sneaking in Oreo cookies into movie theaters. What followed was some fun back-and-forth between the brands, but AMC totally came out on top by tweeting this “I’m watching you with my Oreo eyes” picture. (via Adfreak)


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