Digiday welcomes Sara Jerde as managing editor

digiday media

Digiday Media is excited to announce the newest edition to our editorial team, Sara Jerde, who is joining us as managing editor at Digiday.

Jerde will bring her rich expertise and experience at Adweek, The Star-Ledger and Talking Points Memo as an insightful reporter, editor and moderator to the Digiday team in terms of day-to-day editing as well as helping set and guide our editorial ambitions and vision for the future. She will also be working very closely product and events on continuing to improve our newsletters, events and editorial products as we head into 2021.

Having previously worked with Jerde at Adweek, Digiday editor-in-chief, Jim Cooper said, “I have always been impressed with her steady, calm and collaborative presence that’s paired with a pretty ferocious work ethic. I’m confident she will be a great cultural fit as we expand and move forward into the coming year.”

Most recently, Jerde served as Adweek’s publishing editor, where she covered traditional and digital publishers’ business models. She also oversaw political coverage ahead of the 2020 election.

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