Digiday welcomes Hilary Milnes as retail reporter

We’re happy to welcome Hilary Milnes as the newest member of the Digiday editorial team. Hilary’s joining us to cover the latest shifts in the world of marketing as it relates to retailers, including big-box stores, e-commerce players and retailing startups.

Hilary comes to us from BostInno, where she was a senior lifestyle writer for almost three years. She covered the lifestyle in Boston, focusing on fashion and retail, as well as a host of other subjects. She moved to New York only a few weeks ago and is currently looking for a counseling group for people who are adjusting to having tiny closets.

Retail is an important part of the landscape Digiday covers — it’s an industry grappling with a lot of shifts in the space, from the advent of Amazon to figuring out what channels and platforms to invest in to get the most bang for your buck. Figuring out technology is also a headache, as pure-play e-commerce companies and those with brick-and-mortar presences try to figure out where the sale is coming from.

We’re excited to have Hilary to help figure out our retail coverage presence. She can be reached on email here and on Twitter at @hilarymilnes.

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