New York Times Advertising, MNTN and Dagne Dover are among 2024’s Future Leader Award winners

Digiday Media is pleased to announce the 2024 Future Leader Award winners.

Representing brands, agencies, retailers and publishers, this year’s winners are not just focused on sustainability and social impact, but have also significantly contributed to their companies’ success. Their innovative and creative strategies have propelled their respective organizations forward, inspiring others in the industry. These leaders, with their expertise across multiple disciplines, demonstrate strong leadership qualities and the ability to cultivate and develop their teams.

For example, Ian Robinson, director of partnerships for New York Times Advertising, was instrumental in shaping a multi-million Michelob Ultra collaboration with The Athletic and The New York Times to elevate women’s sports. The partnership tapped into relevant cultural moments while driving an overarching message around sports equity. Robinson led explorations into new formats for editorial attribution, unlocking publication firsts along the way, such as the first organic editorial attribution of a brand on the homepage of The Times and the first editorial attribution of a brand in organic social channels. This strategic vision, ability to navigate technical discussions and dedication earned Robinson the title Digiday Future Leader in the publisher category.

Another winner, Regan Przybyl, vice president of brand marketing at MNTN, has taken an innovative approach to B2B marketing, elevating MNTN to new heights and solidifying the company’s position as an industry powerhouse. In late 2023, during the Season 15 premiere of “Shark Tank,” Przybyl coordinated a unique commercial break where Ryan Reynolds pitched the MNTN platform. The commercial targeted a growing segment of MNTN’s customers — entrepreneurs and consumer brands looking to reach new customers and increase business by optimizing their TV advertising. The program is just one example of the many campaigns Przybyl has executed for MNTN, earning her the title of Digiday Future Leader in the brand category.

The winner of Glossy Future Leader in the fashion category has also demonstrated excellent leadership while focusing on sustainability. Marie-Louise Winther, vice president of design at Dagne Dover, leads all product design strategy and execution and has developed six new multi-million dollar collections, five of which are made from 100% recycled materials. In 2018, the company pledged that all new collections going forward would use as close to 100% recycled materials as possible, with minimal waste, so Winther works with limited material options and precision from the start to ensure less material is used, fewer samples are made and overall waste is reduced. Winther has also kept Dagne’s design team inspired and motivated, including creating three ritualized monthly meetings to promote happy working relationships and a safe environment for being vulnerable and creative. 

The next winner, also from Dagne Dover, is Nicole Mullady, the company’s vice president of marketing. She’s proven herself a master communicator between business and creative partners, driving results across email marketing, loyalty programs, SMS, SEO, OOH, affiliates and the company’s resale platform, Almost Vintage. In 2021, Mullady launched Almost Vintage — providing customers a way to upcycle and monetize older Dagne products — and Dagne’s affiliate program, providing the company with a method for earned media efforts. Mullady played an integral role in achieving Dagne’s success — 30% CAGR over the past three years at a time when many other brands have struggled or performed inconsistently.

Check out the complete list of winners below.

Digiday Future Leader – Agency
Nebo – Nicole Palmer

Digiday Future Leader – Brand
MNTN – Regan Przybyl

Digiday Future Leader – Publisher
New York Times Advertising – Ian Robinson

Digiday Future Leader – Technology Provider
Adapex, Inc – Doina Josan

Glossy Future Leader – Beauty
Iced Media – Ashley Banks
Debut – Joshua Britton

Glossy Future Leader – Fashion
Dagne Dover – Marie-Louise Winther

Glossy Future Leader – Wellness
Mad Rabbit – Selom Agbitor

Modern Retail Future Leader – Digitally-Native
Dagne Dover – Nicole Mullady

WorkLife Future Leader – DE&I
Eva NYC – Aaliyah Manning

WorkLife Future Leader – HR
FeelSwell Experiences – Keely Antonio

WorkLife Future Leader – Recruiting
Fusion92 – Justin Elloitt

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