Dermalogica, Audible, Zappar and Mastercard are among this year’s Greater Good Award winners

The 2023 Greater Good Awards, presented by Digiday, Glossy, Modern Retail and WorkLife, showcase the work being done across industries on social causes, making an impact and working for the greater good while doing business.

This year, there was an emphasis on social responsibility and sustainability initiatives. Companies are prioritizing investment in the well-being and development of local communities in which they operate. Another trend gaining momentum is investing in disability awareness as businesses recognize the importance of serving diverse customer bases.

Sustainability has been top of mind for many companies, but one industry that’s been increasingly focusing on it is health and beauty. This year, Dermalogica’s innovations in skin care packaging earned it the Sustainability award. To help make a positive impact on the environment, Dermalogica launched a first-to-market recyclable pump for its best-selling cleansers to reduce waste and make it easy to recycle both the bottle and pump as a single unit. The new pump is also lighter and utilizes less virgin plastic, decreasing demand for a non-renewable resource. As the first major skincare brand to launch recyclable, mono-material pumps, Dermalogica is putting pressure on other brands to follow suit and innovate on behalf of the planet. 

Audible, headquartered in Newark, has been focused on improving the area it calls home through advancing racial justice, equity, economic empowerment and more, resulting in a win for Local Community Betterment. The company worked with the City of Newark to unveil a new monument honoring Harriet Tubman and celebrating Newark’s role in the history of Black liberation. Audible created a permanent on-site audio experience at the monument featuring seminal stories of Tubman’s life intertwined with narratives about the Underground Railroad and the history of free Black communities in New Jersey, which is also available free to listeners globally. 

One winner focusing on widespread change is Zappar with its accessible QR (AQR) for product packaging, which secured the company the 2023 award for Disability Awareness. With a 3D dot-dot-dash design surrounding the QR code, people with limited or no sight can access much-needed information, which Zappar feels is a fundamental human right. The solution allows blind and partially sighted users to scan the AQR from a distance to gain access to all the information on the product package, including ingredients, instructions and safety warnings through their smart device’s configured accessibility features. The information can be received in larger text or via audio. 

Mastercard won this year’s Gender Equality award for its women-in-sports initiative. Because sports can play a pivotal role in inspiring change in society, Mastercard set out to accelerate growth in women’s sports worldwide and inspire new generations of players and fans through the power of sport. Mastercard’s efforts focused on advancing women’s sports and creating equal opportunities. Beyond a short-term priority, the enduring initiative and commitment have grown over the past decade, and Mastercard has developed one of the most well-rounded women’s sports portfolios globally. 

Explore all the 2023 Greater Good Awards winners below  — including a quick rundown of the campaigns and insights into why they won and what marketing teams can learn from them. Download the complete guide here.

Full 2023 Greater Good Awards winners list below:

Animal Welfare

  • iHeartDogs 


  • WMN by CPB LDN + thortful

Arts and Culture


Better Future

  • Bowery


  • Wattpad 

Disability Awareness

  • Zappar & Unilever – Accessible QR


  • Procter & Gamble + Aki Technologies

Emergency Aid

  • Subtext 




  • MobileFuse 

Gender Equality

  • Mastercard 


  • Bombas



Local Community Betterment

  • Audible 

Mental Health

  • Harry’s 

Public Health

  • Myovant Sciences

Racial Equality

  • Spectrum Reach

Social Justice

  • NBCUniversal


  • Dermalogica 


  • hai 

World Hunger

  • The Kroger Co.

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