5 ways brands are winning at content

Creating relevant and intriguing content is not an easy task, but brands have little choice as they fight for consumers’ short attention spans.

With the Digiday Content Marketing Awards accepting submissions for one more week, we thought we’d review the latest trends in brand content, from the downright funny to the controversial. Check out our round-up below. Then, if you think your own content marketing campaigns are worthy of some recognition, enter the Content Marketing Awards before it’s too late. Submissions close Mar. 14.

Rethinking old platforms
Airlines are invigorating what used to be boring material that passengers tried their hardest to ignore by turning their pre-flight safety videos into pieces of content that aren’t only on-brand but highly entertaining.

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 3.26.07 PM

Adopting new platforms
While the implementation was sometimes confusing, McDonald’s dove into Snapchat, offering another way for consumers to connect with a restaurant chain giant that has seen mixed results with its social media efforts. Is this really content?

mcdonalds snap chat

Becoming visual storytellers
Meanwhile, retail and apparel brands have chosen to make their stand on Instagram, taking advantage of user-generated content (either seeded or organic) to project a certain lifestyle and aesthetic.


Subverting social
After discovering a near-perfect match between the demographics of dating-website users and those likely to adopt animals, the ASPCA created OkCupid profiles for pets looking for a long-term relationship, hoping to pair them off with lonely singles.

ok cupid aspca ads

Mashing up media
Finally, in partnering with Sports Illustrated for the annual swimsuit issue, Barbie managed to both empower through a brand of “lipstick feminism” and offend by embracing the objectification of the “perfect” (i.e., unnatural) female body.


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