Video: What digital video advertising has in store for marketers in 2019


In 2019, we will see the fight for content intensify — whether in terms of production or for the purchase of exclusive rights, content or programs. This will reinforce the fact that premium content is still ruling the roost, not only because it is high quality, but also because of the performance and safety guarantees it offers to advertisers.

Only one thing can address the array of challenges advertisers are facing — from scale, viewability, transparency, and brand safety to user experience and completion — and that is premium content, in its many different forms.

A major trend we expect to see continue in 2019 will be media alliances. These have been a game changer for the industry since they provide a new way for publishers to add value to their inventories, thanks to their unprecedented scale and targeted reach. We expect some historical direct deal budgets to shift into these flourishing media alliances in Europe, since they offer exactly what advertisers want.

Moving ahead, advertisers will also favor more qualified and measurable audiences, consequently buying less and less in a traditional way, either with a site-list or program-list only. New metrics and tools will be key to the way brands buy media in 2019; for example attribution, cross-device reconciliation and audience guaranteed, as we move into a new marketing performance era.

Premium video is no longer about choosing branding over performance: it is about having both at once.

Watch FreeWheel’s 2019 predictions below.


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