UK February 28

The world of advertising has another platform player in Europe: Reddit. The social sharing site has spent the last few months ensuring that agency folks are not only fully up to speed with what it can offer advertisers now, but what’s on its roadmap for the future too. Read below for a look at its strategy.

  • Since it opened, Reddit’s London office has grown to employ over 150 people. And the recruitment drive is showing no signs of slowing down.
  • People are increasingly wary of being advertised to, meaning advertisers have to fit their creative into each platform more seamlessly to reach their audience.
  • In the age of COVID, the more health-related information a marketer has access to, the better. Kinsa, a health tech company, is using data feedback to inform health marketers and their agencies’ media plans, is ramping up that enterprise side of its business. More in this Digiday+ Media Buying Briefing.
  • Gannett earned only 3% of its total revenue for 2021 from digital-only subscriptions, but plans to hit 6 million digital subscribers by 2025.
  • Alaska Airlines wants to prove the success of its current ad campaign to a crucial target demographic (California) before expanding nationally.