Daily September 6

Ad tech has seen a lot of changes so far this year, so we made a definitive list of what’s in and what’s out to help make sense of it all.

Additional coverage:

  • Startup Alkimi Exchange is proposing a decentralized version of the current ad exchange system that CEO Ben Putley contends could improve transparency, lower transaction costs and reduce fraud and waste across the system.
  • In the latest Digiday Podcast, CBS News and Stations co-presidents and co-heads Neeraj Khemlani and Wendy McMahon discussed a new nightly primetime news program and the streamer’s development since its November 2014 debut. Listen here.
  • Digiday+ Research asked agency professionals about how their confidence across various marketing channels is shaking out compared with the beginning of the year and found that confidence is growing in many cases — but not all.
  • Despite the added pressure of Q4, some marketers still don’t have a clear picture on their plans for the quarter, as planning windows have shortened for some. More in this week’s Digiday+ Marketing Briefing.
  • Given the long history of overlap between the sports and gaming industries and audiences, it’s not surprising that sports companies are taking cues from games to develop their metaverse strategies.