August 31

In a new lawsuit against the digital marketing data broker Kochava, the FTC alleged the Idaho-based company sold sensitive consumer geolocation data to companies collected from hundreds of millions of devices. Read more about what that could mean for other ad-tech companies.

Additional coverage:

  • With news that Peter Naylor and Jeremi Gorman are joining Netflix to lead its ads business, it’s worth another look at our feature on what type of leader Gorman is, which you can find here.
  • QCode, Tenderfoot TV, NPR and Acast are beefing up their subscription podcast offerings with more bonus content and additional features.
  • Digiday+ Research surveyed publisher professionals to take stock of publishers’ events businesses, especially as attitudes about attending events — and the potential revenues associated with them — shift dramatically.
  • This week’s Digiday+ Future of TV Briefing aims to define some of the key terms that can cause confusion when talking about the TV, streaming and digital video industry.
  • Payroll and HR tech firm Paycom is taking a TikTok approach to TV with TikTok star Corporate Natalie. It’s part of the brand’s push to break through the TV clutter — just like TikTok itself has done in the social media space.
  • As marketers prepare for a potential recession, vet care startup Dutch is going all-in on SEO.