Will millennials check out The Wall Street Journal on Snapchat?

The Wall Street Journal has joined Snapchat. But can this legacy media publisher compete with more millennial-savvy competitors like Vice or Cosmo? We asked a few Snapchat enthusiasts whether they’d check out the new channel.

“To me, I’m a teenager [and] it’s boring, but the older crowd might be into it,” said one millennial.

Another said that he prefers to watch what his friends are doing on Snapchat instead of reading about the latest tragedies in the world. “It’s just like negative stuff and, you know, I don’t want that to mess up my day or mess up my next snap. I’m not trying to be sad when I’m trying to snap something funny.”

Watch our video to find out what others had to say about Snapchat Discover’s latest addition.

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