What Agency Folks Really Do at the Office

Agencies are all about fun, creative office culture. Here are five fun examples of agency-culture office events. Between dressing up, drinking and dining on freshly prepared, delicious food, you wouldn’t think this was office culture. Sounds more like vacation to me. Anyway, be prepared to get jealous and start getting hungry.

Dress to Impress: Barbarian Group’s Formal Fridays
Formal Fridays have been a longstanding tradition at Barbarian; however, the Tumblr that chronicles people’s formal fashion was only started in 2010.

Come Ready to Drink: Campfire’s Thirsty Thursdays
Marketing agency Campfire has a weekly happy hour where one member of the team creates a signature drink. A happy hour at the office sounds good to me.

That’s Totes Amaze: Huge’s Totes Days
From time to time, Huge’s global creative director Joe Stewart designs and prints up the fun Huge tote bags (you may have seen them for sale on Fab.com) and gives them away to employees for free, which according to Huge staffers, usually causes a stampede in the office.

Breakfast Time: IQ’s Waffle Fridays 
Waffle Fridays started at IQ thanks to its director of HR Ragan Kellams. After she got a waffle maker for Christmas one year, the tradition was born, and lucky employees now get homemade Belgian waffles on Fridays.

Come Hungry: Trevelino/Keller’s Top Chef Meals
Twice a week, lucky Trevelino/Keller employees get to feast on fresh meals made “Top Chef” style in the office with CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) ingredients. They also have Wine Wednesdays. The photo below is a veggie stir-fry and peach, goat cheese bruschetta. Ummmm, that is the kind of stuff they get to eat twice a week? Do they cater?


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