Video: Washington Post CMO Miki King on how to organize marketing teams


Many publishers have marketing resources scattered across different parts of their organization. In the case of the Washington Post, a pivot to subscriptions meant a shake up for the company’s marketing resources. In this presentation from Digiday’s Hot Topic: Subscriptions and Commerce, which took place in New York City this past February, hear from Miki King, chief marketing officer at the Washington Post, on how she reorganized her teams to get everyone rowing in the same direction. The key hits:

  • How the Washington Post centralized marketing efforts in one group to unify its approach
  • Transitioning your team members from print to digital can be difficult, and requires a culture shift. But when you look at the skill sets that they share, you can find through lines that allow you to make that transition easier.
  • As business continues to shift towards subscriptions for the Washington Post, so does its messaging. King says the publisher is no longer looking at top-of-the-funnel content, but rather digital content that will drive readers to subscribe, or to content that leads to a paywall.

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