Twitter reacts to Stephen Colbert replacing David Letterman

Things move fast in the land of late night television. Just a week after Late Show host David Letterman announced he was leaving the program, CBS officially named comedian Stephen Colbert as his successor.

The five-year deal, which was initially reported by Mashable on Saturday, marks a big change for Colbert, who will  drop his ironic conservative talk show host shtick in favor of something more palatable to mass audiences. And while no one knows  yet how or whether he’ll pull it off, that hasn’t stopped the outpouring of opinions on Twitter. Here are a few of note.

Slate starts the conversation with a bit of trolling. 


Long live internet activism!


Colbert’s enemies chime in. 


How Colbert is a little bit hip hop.


An existentialist take.


Backlash to the backlash.


A history lesson for the millennials.


Understandably, the Internet has made some people paranoid.


No, Grumpy Cat is not impressed.


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