Twitter’s New Display Ads in Action

Twitter essentially began selling display advertising last week, in accordance with an update it made on Tuesday. Images in promoted tweets now appear automatically in users’ feeds, transforming those tweets into banner ads of sorts.

Brands have since been tweaking their imagery to make the most of the opportunity. Here are some of the paid tweets we’ve seen so far making use of the new image-preview feature.

CBS Films
CBS is going with a fairly typical display ad to promote its new movie, “Last Vegas”:


The Book of Mormon
Broadway musical The Book of Mormon is using images in tweets to give users a taste of the show.


Samsung TV USA
For Halloween, Samsung mixed things up a bit and planted a hidden message in its image. Can you read it…?


Kit Kat 
Chocolate brand Kit Kat took the opportunity to plug Break Labs, its technology company parody.


FedEx exposed users to the contents of its zombie apocalypse survival kit.
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