Tweet Your Way to a New Career

Twitter Career Center: Do you need a new job? Want to change careers? Well, then, you better be on Twitter. According to this article from Yahoo News, Twitter, more than Facebook (where people tend to interact with people they already know in real life), is an incredibly valuable resource when it comes to changing careers because it lets you broadcast your expertise and build up a large following within whatever industry you are aiming to move into. Because Twitter isn’t as personal as FB and because it’s more about broadcasting to large audiences rather than to networks of family and friends, Twitter lends itself to building one’s own personal brand (ew, I know I hate that phrase). For example, it’s easy to find top execs and industry leaders whom you’ve never met and follow them without being creepy, and hopefully they will eventually follow you back. Check out the tips on how to maximize your Twitter account for job seeking. Yahoo

Twitter, Where Cool Dies: On the other hand, apparently cool people aren’t on Twitter (duh?); at least when it comes to music people with good taste in music. Creative Social

Twitpic of the Day: The founder of Twitpic Noah Everett tweeted that he was being arrested, then to prove it, tweeted a picture of his view from the back of the cop car. Mashable

Tumblr of the Day: Art inspired by those annoyingonlinesecurity CAPTCHA test things. You know, that thing where you have to enter in the random words that are all squiggly that it generates so that it knows you are human. CAPTCHArt

Video of the Day: Here are some astounding stats about social media around the world. Can you believe social media is now the #1 online activity over porn?! Business Insider

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