The World According to Luma

One slide wasn’t enough. Terence Kawaja, creator of the famed slide that categorized the messy world of ad technology, has spun out several more landscape slides. In all some 1,200 companies are covered across seven “Lumascapes,” named after Kawaja’s investment banking firm. The slides cover the fields of display, search, video, mobile, gaming, commerce and social. The unstated assumption of the slides is that big strategic players will scoop up or combine many of the companies on these slides. In fact, there has been much talk lately of big consolidations taking place, particularly in data-driven companies that are at the heart of advertising technology. Kawaja suggested to Digiday recently that players like Adobe, Akamai, IBM and even SAP could become major forces in advertising before long. Below is the social slide from Luma. Visit its website for the others.

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